Five Foods Rich In Protein

Proteins help your body repair itself and grow. Moreover, it’s necessary for repairing and building muscles, helping you benefit from your workout sessions. When your body lacks carbohydrates, proteins act as your primary source of proteins but not when exercising. Health experts recommend that an adult should take at least eight grams of protein every day for every kilo of their body weight. Below are five foods rich in protein that you should consider incorporating into your diet.

Foods Rich In Protein For Your Diet

Flax SeedsFlax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in protein and contain all the essential mineral acids required by your body. They are available as ground seeds, flax seed oils, and whole seeds. They blend well into several foods such as hot and cold cereals, smoothies, salads, home baked goods like muffins, hot vegetables just to mention a few. After purchasing the seeds make sure that you keep them always refrigerated to preserve their benefits.


Tuna is a well-known protein rich food. Besides, it contains omega 3. When seeking to include tuna in your diet, be cautious otherwise, you will end up purchasing tuna with shocking levels of mercury or species that are endangered. Tuna is readily available in cans and can be enjoyed by many foods like bread, vegetables and much more. Tuna is cheaper and better than protein bars because it contains fewer calories and high protein levels.

Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs are a perfect source of an affordable, low-calorie protein that is easy to prepare. Some people keep away from eggs thinking that it has high cholesterol levels. The ugly truth is that studies indicate that eggs don’t raise the amount of cholesterol in people who take them frequently. Organic eggs, in particular, contain the most protein and tastes better too.


Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein. Fresh, whole roasted chicken is the best and has less fat compared to red meat. Beware of foods such as sandwiches that have chicken because the don’t have any nutritional value. They are expensive and contain lots of nitrates as well as preservatives that are harmful to your body. To get the benefits of protein from chicken, buy a package of chicken thighs or breasts and roast them yourself.


Beef contains lots of protein and less fat. However, you should try and avoid commercially made beef as it contains lots of sodium and preservatives. You can easily get beef in your diet by including it in some of your favorite snacks when you need a perfect high protein trail meal.

Why limit yourself to protein bars, and protein shakes when you have these delicious food options? As you get into an active exercise regimen, you must monitor your body and discover protein more protein foods that will help you increase lean mass. Don’t just depend on pre-packaged supplements to fill in your protein gaps. Instead, try and include other more protein rich foods that have not in this post like Brussels sprouts, salmon, almonds just to mention a few to get the most out of your workouts.

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