Five FAQs Before Hiring An SEO Specialist

People who rely on the Internet to make a living will tell you that hiring an SEO specialist who understands the job market is crucial. If you want to maximize traffic on your site or sell products online, then your SEO specialist must be well equipped to handle the tasks. The candidate must have vast knowledge and experience on search engine optimization. This is the only way that you can be able to conquer the virtual market environment and make your presence known to your target clients. One needs to understand the type of questions to ask so as to be able to get the right candidate from a group of interviewees. Here are five FAQs before hiring an seo specialist that will help you get the best candidate for your business.

FAQs before hiring an SEO specialist

Who are your referees?

Referrals are crucial when hiring SEO specialists. This will give you background information about who the person has worked for in the recent past. You can then use this information to get reports on success and failures of the companies in question. Also, the referrals will give you a hint on whether the person uses tactics that are against the standard guidelines set by Google. It is important to note that the SEO specialist will be acting on behalf of your company. This means that you must get positive feedback from the referees.


What tactics do you use?

Before hiring an SEO specialist, you must first understand the SEO practices that people use to the market. Some tactics are unethical and can attract penalties. You need to have a strategy that will sustain your business for long. You should be very careful with people who assure you of overnight success. Ask them how best they will increase traffic to your site without necessarily affecting the quality of the links. Get to understand the difference between black hat tactics and white hat tactics.

What is your experience in handling SEO content?

The experience that a person has in handling SEO content is crucial. It is good to ask your candidate the number of years that they have been in business backed up with evidence. This will help you to know the skills that they have acquired and the responsibilities that the person can handle.

What is your view on the quality of your content?

This question is usually asked so as to help you get an understanding on quality link-building. These days, search engines have policies that reward companies that generate quality content. The candidate should have a clear understanding of the importance of generating worthwhile content for the benefit of the company. The content generated should come from reliable and legit sources that can be verified.

What is your take on the new Google SEO initiative?

Google has set some initiative that seeks to penalize companies that over-optimize SEO content. They also penalize companies that pay for such links. How individual answers this question will tell you whether they are informed about the latest SEO algorithms and how they have equipped themselves to better their services.

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